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About The KOHOÉ Collective


The KOHOÉ Collective is a community members app, this is an extension of our Quantum Healing-Deliverance + Prophetic-Teaching Church; based on clean principles + spiritual protocols of Christianity, minus all the religious dogma. 

When you join KOHOÉ Collective you gain cutting edge spiritual content to support your lifestyle to be one of balance, play + stability. We offer exclusive webinars, field reports, Q & A as well as monthly "Push Challenges." Members have said they are making lasting friendships, meaningful life changes and feel as though they have finally found a place to call Home that is both validating and grounding for their walk with God.

We are not your ordinary church, we are the bridge between quantum science + revelatory spirituality in which we are bringing futuristic tools to support The Collective to heal, grow and establish Kingdom territory here on Earth. We do not shy away from gifts of the Holy Spirit, The Power, or authority of The True Christ that is being revealed in our House. 

We have supported hundreds of people to deprogram from the False Light including Religious perversions + New Age inversions. We are more than just a community, we are an International Ohana + we are here to debunk false light, bring forward new and extraordinary revelations, experience the power of God, activate our spiritual gifts and come into deeper Union with our beloved Creator. We laugh, we cry, we connect and we play! 

Sign up today. We ask for a monthly donation of $22-$88/month. This is all done on the honor system. We do not turn away the poor. After you create your user profile & follow the welcome steps you will be shown how to make your first donation.


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